Campaign Settings

To change aspects within your individual campaign you can click the pencil icon next to the campaign name.  From here you can access Campaign Options, View Campaign Brief, Save as Template & Reset View State


Campaign Options

There are several options that you can edit within this setting. 

  • Rename Campaign: Edit your individual campaign name. Only Owners & Collaborators will have this access
  • Show Hidden Tracks: Restore tracks that you have previously hidden 
  • Set Header Color: Ability to edit your ATOMIZED header color 
  • Hide Campaign: If you no longer want a campaign to be viewed in your main campaigns tab you can hide it. It will not be deleted and can be re-added to your tabs under the My Campaigns section. 
  • Leave Campaign: If you no longer want access to an individual campaign you can leave it. If you later need access someone within that campaign will have to re-invite you.
  • Export Campaign: You can export your campaign to a CSV, PDF or iCal
  • Delete Campaign: Deleting a campaign will get rid of it entirely and there is no way to restore the campaign after you have deleted it. 
  • Show Phases: You can add an additional Track to your campaign called Phases. This allows you to call out certain phases within your campaign. 
  • Show Important Dates. You can add an additional Track to your campaign called Important Dates. This allows you to call out certain important dates within your campaign. 
  • Show Status Icon: The status icon is the Green, Yellow or Red dot that displays in the top left corner of your flight. It represents the approval status of your flight. You can turn this option on and off using this setting. 

View Campaign Brief

If a campaign brief has been added you can view it here. Learn more about Campaign Briefs here.

Save as Template

You can save your campaign as a template for later use. This setting will only save the tracks that have been added for re-use in another campaign. It will not save individual flight information. 

Reset View State

If your calendar is acting up and things aren’t showing up the way they are supposed to, “Reset View State” will help fix any problems.

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