How do I import from an Excel file?

ATOMIZED allows you to import


The following steps are a guide to create a connection between ATOMIZED and Sheets document in your Google Drive.

  1. Download a copy of the: ATOMIZED Import File.xlsx
  2. Add a new row for each Flight
  3. Be sure to include Flight Title, Flight Start Date, Flight End State, Track
  4. Save the Excel File

  • Do not modify Row 1 Headers. These headers are used to map data to ATOMIZED rows and flights.
  • Start Date* - this field is required. Use only 2016-12-01, YYYY-MM-DD date format. Multi-date format is not supported.
  • End Date - this field is optional. Use only 2016-12-01, YYYY-MM-DD date format. Multi-date format is not supported.
  • Flight Title - this field is optional. Use only plain text and up to 255 characters. If no flight name is added, a blank flight will be created on the ATOMIZED side with the default "Untitled" flight name. Split view
  • Row Title - name of your track/channel.


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