Viewing the Calendar

You can view the Calendar by Grid, List, Week, Month or Customized Views. You can change the date you are looking at either by using the arrows next to the date displayed in the left hand corner, or by using the date picker by selecting the Month and Year displayed.


Grid View

The Grid View shows you a quick way to see your flight assets in a grid format.  Grids are provided in an equal sized tile format.

List View

The List View displays the flights you have created by hour for the day you've chosen. You will see the Start, Group, Row, Flight, Asset, Status, and Span. Status is denoted by a red, green or yellow icon; those with Approver permissions and greater can change the status quickly directly from the List View.  You can also choose to open the Flight using the Open Flight button in the right hand column.

Week View

The Week View displays the flights you have created for a particular week.

Month View

The Month View displays the flights you have created for a particular month.

Custom Views

ATOMIZED allows you to visualize your campaign anyway that works best for your organization within Custom Views. Click into Custom Views and Select "+ New Custom View" to begin building out a new view for your campaign. 


Proceed by filling out your Custom View Name and the Campaign Format fields. 




Click more information on Bookmarks.


To jump to today's date on your campaign you can simply click the "Today" icon. This will revert the campaign to the current date in time. 



You can share your ATOMIZED campaign with others whom do not have ATOMIZED access. This feature will allow you to send a link via email of your current ATOMIZED view. Note: The link will expire after 24-hours for security purposes. 


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