Getting Started with the Calendar

A Calendar is the component of a campaign that is our visual, omni-channel space for users to add and modify content on Rows.  There are four types of Calendars: “New Blank Calendar”, “New Filtered Calendar”, "New from template" & "New from Import".


New Blank Calendar

Collaborators and Owners can create new Calendars to add and modify new content to Rows.

New Filtered Calendar

Collaborators and Owners can create new Filtered Calendars to pull specific content from a single or multiple campaign Calendars.  Filters include: Specific Campaigns, Specific Rows, Specific Tags, Specific Dates, and Approval Status.


New From Template

Templates are new campaigns with pre-defined phases and important dates.

To create a template based on an existing calendar, you must first save the campaign template you wish to use. Click the pencil at the top of the existing campaign calendar and click “Save this campaign as a template”. When creating a new campaign calendar, click “New From Template” and choose your preferred template.



New From Import

Please see the following article for step by step instruction on "New from Import"



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