Required Custom Fields

  • Beta
  • For Admins
  • In the Admin Area > Account Settings > Custom Fields.
  • Check Required box next to desired custom field
  • Upon editing the field in the edit flight modal, the field will be required by all users.

Restrict Download of Assets

  • Beta
  • For Admins
  • In the Admin Area > Account Settings > Campaign Features
  • Check “Restrict Viewers from Downloading Assets”
  • If checked, this option will restrict users with a viewer permission from being able to download images from the flight detail modal.

Admin Manage Invitations

  • Beta
  • For Admins
  • In the Admin Area > Invitations
  • Expiration date picker to extend invitation before or after expiration
  • Option to resend invite email or copy direct invitation link to send internally
  • Show invitations email report - success / reject - Validation Modal
  • Prevent users from inviting already existing users.
  • See who users were invited by and creation date
  • Active, expired and total invitation count
  • Easily search invitations

Admin Manage Users

  • For Admins
  • In the Admin Area > Users
  • Dropdown to easily Change User role
  • See if user is active or suspended
  • Suspend user by selecting ‘x’ on end of user’s row
  • See number of campaigns and arrow opens dropdown of campaign names

Linked Flights

Linked Flights gives users the ability to create a'child' flight from the original 'parent' flight. The copied 'child' flight mirrors the content and updates of the source or 'parent' Flight. Updates made to the source/parent flight are updated and reflected in the copied child flight. This allows users to update multiple flights with more ease.

For more information and a short video, visit:

Ability to Assign Upon Flight Creation

  • Allows users to assign a flight to a teammate / user upon flight creation.
  • Reduces wasted time in workflow.

Campaign Tiles - Extended Titles

  • Formerly, users could only view the first letter of the campaign in the campaign tile.
  • We’ve added the first 3 letters of the campaign to the tile
  • Allows users to easily see and differentiate campaigns.

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