Not sure what a particular icon or button does? Here's a reference with links to in depth articles for first time users.

  1. Segment Menu - Segments allow you to filter the data displayed in your canvas to only flights with attributes that match your criteria.

  2. Star toggle - This allows the user to toggle (Hide/Unhide) the top text/info bar in ATOMIZED.

  3. Account Settings Button - The Admin Dashboard can be accessed by Account Administrators by clicking on the account settings button at the top right of the screen.

  4. Search -  Users can search their content within ATOMIZED.

  5. Asset Library - The Asset Library allows users to upload, store, and access asset files without associating the assets to a flight.

  6. Draft Library - The Draft Library gives users the ability to create Draft Flights for collaboration before being scheduled.  

  7. Live Chat - If your account has access to Live Chat support, Live Chat can be accessed by clicking on the '?'

  8. Create New Flight '+' - This button is a shortcut to create a new flight.

  9. Notifications Menu - Notification when an event occurs can be found here.

For more information on how to use ATOMIZED, check out our getting started guides and list of terms used in the application .

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