The Draft Library gives users the ability to create Draft Flights for collaboration before being scheduled.  

To access the Draft Library, a 'Draft Library' icon should be displayed below the asset library button on the icon rail on the right side of the canvas. For each campaign the user has Collaborator/Owner access to, they should be able to see Draft Flights created for that campaign.

To create a new draft, click the '+' next to the campaign in the Draft Library. This should display the Create New Flight modal, and display only tracks for that Campaign.

To delete a draft from the library, click the 'trash' icon on the top right of the Draft Flight.

To change the Flight from draft to live, open the Draft Flight you wish to activate and select 'Create.' The live Flight should then be created using content and assets from the Flight stored in the library. Once the Draft Flight becomes a live Flight, the Draft Flight will no longer exist in the Draft Library.

You can also create a Flight without accessing the Draft Library. When creating a new Flight in one of the ATOMIZED views, simply select 'Save as Draft.' Instead of the Flight being displayed in a view, it will be added to the ‘Draft Library’ where users can update the Draft Flight before creating it officially.

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