Welcome to ATOMIZED! We want to make getting started easy and simple.

Now that you've signed up, you should receive an email with the link to update your Account details. You'll input your user information, company name, and choose a password - Once completed, you'll be able to log in to the application!

Make sure to bookmark this guide, as there are a couple of areas you'll want to explore once you've logged in to make the most of ATOMIZED. 

You can refer to our FAQ for frequently asked questions that users have when they first log in. Below are a few good tips on steps you can take as you get started:

  • Create a Campaign:
    Campaigns let you name and organize your content and data within ATOMIZED. You may want to organize content by project, team, or brand - The tool is flexible, and lets you organize content in a way that makes sense for your team.
  • Invite a teammate to your new Campaign:
    To make the most of ATOMIZED, invite team members to collaborate on campaigns, or to view your content easily in the cloud.
  • Update your Campaign with Tracks (e.g., channels, teams, products, or brands):
    Tracks allow you to easily organize and see the big picture of content across channels or work flow on the Timeline or Assets view.
  • Customize your Statuses and Fields to fit your workflow:
    Whether you need to track a flight through your workflow, or associate different sets of information, customized statuses and fields are designed to help you tailor ATOMIZED to your specific needs.
  • Create a new Flight:
    Flights are the related sets of assets, text content, and other information that are being progressed through your workflow. Creating these allows you to effectively monitor progress and plan your communications easily.
  • Upload assets to your Flight:
    Assets can be any media content or files - Simply upload them in the assets section of the Flight Details Panel to store and visualize them in ATOMIZED.
  • Assign a teammate to a Flight:
    Coordinate with team members on who will be completing individual tasks by assigning flights to anyone with Collaborator access to your campaign. As work is completed, users can reassign flights and update the Status for the flight.
  • Explore the different content views:
    Whether you need to view plan content or monitor progress through your workflow, there is an ATOMIZED view tailor-fit for each purpose. Explore the different views available to find one that suits your needs.

Getting Started Tutorial:

Setting up your First Campaign Tutorial:

Once you've gone through these basic steps, explore other features like Segments, Track Groups, Commenting/Collaboration, and more to begin utilizing ATOMIZED to its full potential.

Find more Tutorial videos in our Webinars and Tutorials Section here.

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