ATOMIZED Terminology


An 'account' refers to your overall ATOMIZED account, inclusive of all users and campaigns. An account contains all user generated campaigns, and can be configured to use customized statuses, fields, and feature options.


An asset is any supported file-type that is attached to a Flight, or stored in the Asset Library. Multiple assets can be attached to a single flight.

Asset Library

The Asset Library refers to the Asset Library menu located on the User Rail at the bottom of the screen, as well as the expanded Asset Library which utilizes the content area and allows the user to see all assets which have been uploaded to the account. The Asset Library contains all assets that do not have a flight association.


An assignee is a user that has been assigned to work on an individual flight. 


A single piece of information associated with a flight/content container. Attributes include core information for each flight (e.g., Flight Name, Assets, Assignee, etc.) as well as user-defined/custom information like Statuses and 'Custom Fields'.


The Calendar View is a view type available for visualizing campaigns/data-sets using a traditional monthly calendar format.

Campaign (Dataset)

A campaign, also known as a Data-set, is the main method users use to organize their content structure. Campaigns exist exclusively within a single ATOMIZED account. Flights (and all flight attributes) are contained within individual campaigns/data-sets. Campaigns are static groups of data which can be viewed individually or combined together for visualization in a single canvas.


The Canvas is the area which displays the current data/view selections, dashboards, or pages accessed by the user. It is a general term referring to the area contained within the user interface 'rails'.


A connector is an integration used between ATOMIZED and external platforms to push and/or pull data from one source to the other. 

Date Range Selector

The Date Range Selector is the rail component within the Display Rail that allows users to select the date range displayed within the canvas. It allows the user to select a Start/End date for the selected view, manipulate how dates are displayed within certain views (e.g., Timeline), and navigate the current view to a date range that reflects the current date.


The term flight comes from an advertising term describing a time in which commercials are scheduled to run. The term has evolved into something used in ATOMIZED to describe all of the relevant information related to a single content concept in a campaign. Content and associated information within ATOMIZED is organized within a Flight, which serves the parent container for content. Each piece of associated information is known as an 'Attribute'.

Flight Details Panel

The Flight Details Panel is presented when a user single clicks a flight. The Flight Details Panel displays all flight attributes, including assets, and allows the user to collaborate on individual flights.


Rails are the static, functional navigation bars that frame the ATOMIZED content area. They are typically referred to by their location relative to the canvas (e.g., the top rail, the left rail, etc.). Each rail has a specific name, contextual to the functionality associated with it. The Display Rail is located at the top, and allows the user to update view selection, date range. The Data Rail is located at the left side of the screen, and allows the user to select or combine campaigns/datasets for visualization in the canvas. The User Rail is located at the bottom of the screen, and provides users with user specific menus, information, and notifications.


Allow you to filter the data displayed in your canvas to only flights with attributes that match your input criteria. This can be used to filter to flights of a certain status, flights assigned to a specific person, or even to the Tags and Custom Field values that your team uses to organize information.


A track is an attribute associated with flights that allow users to group content in a structured way, commonly used to organize marketing content by channel. Tracks created by users are only available for selection within a single campaign. Content can be visualized by tracks by using the Timeline view.

User Roles and Permissions  

Users are classified into various User Roles based on the intended access permissions and typical users requiring that access. These include Owners, Collaborators, and Viewers. Each account can also classify users as “Admins” which allow them to manage account level settings and access.


A view is the user selected display of campaign data visualized in the canvas. Each view focuses on visualizing and organizing flights by certain attributes. Examples of available views include List, Columns, Timeline, and Calendar views.

View Selection Menu

The View Selection Menu is located on the top rail. It allows the user to select from available ATOMIZED views, and access the View Dashboard.

View Dashboard

The View Dashboard is a landing page for a user who accesses a Campaign without a previously used or default view, as well as providing a more robust view selection experience. The View Dashboard provides the user available view options, as well as a preview of user-relevant content from the selected campaigns.

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