Note: Certain features referenced below are only available in the certain versions of ATOMIZED. Please refer to our pricing page for additional information.

Flights can be organized by a ‘Track’, which defines a relationship between multiple Flights within a single Campaign. Tracks are a flexible way to organize your content. For example, you can use them to designate the Marketing Channel relationships between flights (e.g., Email, TV, Facebook), differentiate between different teams/departments (e.g., Creative/Design Team, Social Team, etc.) or by your product lines/brands. Creating a new Track is an action performed from within the Timeline View of a Campaign. Simply click the + icon at the bottom of the current campaign's Track List, and select the option to Add a New Track. 

Aside from a Track relationship, the following attributes can also be associated to a Flight:

  • Custom Flight Color: Clicking the Flight Color icon (symbolized by the star) allows the user to select a new Flight color for the selected flight.
  • Date Range: Clicking the Start or End Date of the Flight's Date Range allows the user to change the flight duration.
  • Attached Asset files: Users can drag and drop files into the Flight to attach them, or click on the Add Asset button within the Asset preview section to attach them using their file explorer.
  • Flight Title: Users can rename the Flight, which will be reflected both in the Panel and on the various Campaign views.
  • Content: Users will have the ability to add content text to the flight, and edit formatting of that content in-line, simply by clicking into the Content section.
  • Notes: Introduced in ATOMIZED 2.0, users will now have the ability to separate internal notes on the Flight from content, using the 'Notes' section. The Notes section 
  • Assignee: Users can assign the flight to any user within the Campaign associated with the flight. This will alert them that they have a new flight assignment, as well as helping you use filters to keep track of who owns the next action item related to a flight.
  • Status: Statuses can be configured by the ATOMIZED Account Administrator to reflect the workflow of Content within ATOMIZED. By default, three statuses exist: ‘Unapproved’, ‘Pending’, and ‘Approved’.
  • Custom Fields: Custom Fields can be configured by the ATOMIZED Account Administrator to allow the storage of Text, Number, or URL values, for easy entry and access within the Flight Details Panel.
  • Tags: Tags allow users to associate a label to the flight for the purpose of identification or to help include other relevant information with the flight details.

Assigning attributes allows users to easily begin organizing and visualizing their content based on their related information.

To customize Status and Custom Fields available for users, Account Administrators should navigate to the Administration Panel (by clicking the Account Icon at the top right of the screen) and accessing the Account Settings tab. Customizations made this way will apply to the entire Account, allowing you to make sure that every Campaign’s content is consistently structured.

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