Once a campaign is created, you will want to add access for users who require the capability to view or edit that campaign’s content. User access can be managed on an individual user level, or by using the Enterprise User & Group Management functionality available within the Administrator panel to create User Groups for your teams and departments using ATOMIZED.

To manage access, click the gear icon on the right side of the campaign list in either the User or Admin Dashboard, to open the Campaign Management window. 

The Campaign Management window will display three lists:

  • Account Users - No Access: User Groups and Active Users in the ATOMIZED Account that have not been given access to this campaign.
  • Current Campaign Access: All Groups and Users with current access to this campaign.
  • Invites: Users who have been invited as a new Account user, but who have not yet created their account. To add a new user, type their email address in the Email field, select a role, and click the + button.

Whether adding an existing Account user to the campaign, or inviting a new user using their email address, you will need to select the appropriate role based on what access that user needs within the Campaign.

Groups and Users can be assigned the following roles to campaigns, depending on what access they need:

  • Owner: Owners have full access to a campaign, including the ability to rename, modify, and delete the campaign. Owners can invite new Groups and Users to access the campaign. 
  • Collaborator: Collaborators have access to create, modify, and update flight information within the Campaign. They can also invite new Collaborators and Viewers to access the campaign.
  • Viewer: Viewers have view-only access to campaign data. They are unable to access or utilize collaboration features, and are only able to view content they have been given access to.
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