As an Account Administrator (or as a campaign owner/collaborator invited to the Account) your first step to get started in ATOMIZED will be to create a new Campaign. 

A new campaign can be created by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the campaign list on the Data Rail, on the left side of the screen. Once clicked, you will be navigated to the Campaign Creation screen, where you will select the Campaign Color, give your new Campaign a title, and finalize the Campaign’s creation. 

Creating Campaigns is an important part of managing your content structure. Because access to edit or view content within a campaign is managed for the overall campaign, you will want to evaluate the teams or team members that will need access to that content. If you feel like there may be certain sets of information that those users should not have access to, you should consider creating a separate campaign for that content.

Note: The creator of any new Campaign will automatically be assigned as an 'Owner' for that campaign, allowing them to rename or delete the Campaign in the future.

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