With more clearly surfaced flight attributes displayed on the views and very little use of the briefs section by users, we have decided to retire them.

Filtered Campaigns
Campaigns can now be easily combined using the Data Rail, with filters applied in the Segments menu to further filter the visualized data . This method, which offers the user flexible combined campaign visuals plus the ability to drill down on specific flight attributes, is a significant improvement to the prior Filtered Campaign feature, which will be removed.

Split View
Split View (with separate notes/tags/etc. per asset) has been removed, to allow all attributes to be associated with the flight for easier segmentation and filtering. Multiple assets can be directly attached to the Flight without needing to create Split Views

Tag-sets were removed as an option for the Account to make way for more flexible options. These will be reintroduced to users as a Custom Field ‘Dropdown’ option in a future release, to allow predefined/named values.

Hiding Campaigns
The ability to hide campaigns will not be included in this release as we explore cleaner 'click' interactions around that use case.

CDW/Single Click “Quick View”
The CDW and ‘Quick View’  have been replaced by the Flight Details Panel. Clicking any flight will open full access/details of the selected flight, allowing a more expedited workflow, while maintaining the ability to see all relevant content in an more organized presentation.

External Share Functionality
The current ‘Share’ functionality will not be implemented within ATOMIZED 2.0. Instead, the short term roadmap will implement the ‘Saved View’ functionality, and a feature allowing for a static ‘saved’ link accessible by external users (and allowing for additional functionality) will be explored. This means that users can quickly create customized views specifically for themselves or other members of the organization.

Existing Timeline Functionality
Custom Views will no longer be necessary to view different time-frame columns and will be built into the Date Range selection menu. Track resizing will no longer be a user driven function - instead, the track will be resized automatically for the user based on the number of flights.

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