Account Settings can be accessed by clicking the 'Account Settings' button at the top right of the application, and clicking the 'Account Settings' tab of the panel. Account Settings are accessible to account administrators. Once you've navigated to the account settings page, you'll be able to access individual settings using the left settings menu

Within the Account Settings panel, administrators can customize Enabled Features, Statuses, and Fields.

Custom Statuses
Statuses can be configured by the Account Administrator within the Account Settings panel. The order of Statuses within this list will define the order that Statuses are presented in Flight Status menus, as well as the order of Status columns in the Columns view type.

Each Status is represented by a colored Triangle symbol, and can be assigned by a Collaborator or Owner to any flight. The Default status assigned to new flights is configured by the Administrator within the Account Settings panel, using the radio selection on the right side of configured statuses.

Custom Fields
An Account Administrator can configure custom fields of the following types:

  • Text: Field containing any alphanumeric input (e.g., 'Internal Project Name')
  • Number: Field containing any numeric value (e.g., a Product SKU #)
  • URL: Field containing a web link (e.g.,

Adding Custom Fields will result in a field of the selected type being displayed in all flights within the ATOMIZED Account. Users can then enter values in the field to associate information with the flight, and can then use the Segment feature to view only flight content which meets criteria the user would like to see.

Account Avatar
Admins can set their account thumbnail and date and time formats.

Campaign Features

Admins can turn off Phases and Important Dates tracks, turn on social publishing and set Auto Height for tracks.

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