When a campaign has been selected, the Display Rail will be displayed at the top of the canvas, allowing for the selection of View, Date Range, and Segments.

The Date Range Selector will function differently depending on the view you are currently using. 

The Date Range displayed in the Timeline view will match the values input into the Date Range Selector. Column types will update accordingly if the amount of time displayed on screen is greater than can be displayed in single days.

Calendar View, for example, will always display a date range of a single month, and updating the date in the selector will move your calendar to the month of the selected date. 

In other views, like List and Kanban, the Date Range selector can be turned off to allow all content to be displayed at once, or used in conjunction with the Segment feature to filter and focus on certain subsets of campaign content.

Whichever view you use, the Date Range Selector allows you to easily orient your canvas to content that is related to a specific timeframe in order to plan and complete  work more effectively.

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