Social Streams is a Timeline View feature that allows you to pull content matching certain criteria directly from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. This can be used to compare content going out on your social accounts with your campaign plan, or can be used to see the content posted by external parties that might be related to your campaign (e.g., fans using a campaign hashtag).

Creating a Social Stream is easy. Simple click the + button at the bottom of the track list in Timeline View, and select 'Create Social Stream'. Select a network, input an account name (or hashtag, if available), and click 'Create'. You will see a limited amount of historical data pulled in, and from then on, content will automatically be pulled into your Timeline for the input account or hashtag.

Currently, users can automatically pull up to 20 posts per day from a specific account or hashtag. Hashtags allow for Twitter and IG only, while using an account name will allow use of all four. Read Access only and will allow the user to go directly to a post by clicking on content.

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