When a campaign is selected, the Display Rail will be displayed on the top of the screen. The left section of the Display Rail allows access to the View Selection Menu - Select List View to enable the view for your content.

The List View is for quickly viewing and navigating through a large amount of information. Flights within the selected date range will be organized into a table, and flights can be selected for easy updates. List View is great for easily navigating through a set of flights for review, or tackling an upcoming campaign one piece of content at a time. Change status, assign flights and change dates in a quick, simple format.

Functionality exists in List View to easily narrow down and customize the view to include only content and content attributes that you want to focus on. Clicking Column headers allows users to sort content by each flight attribute, and clicking the menu at the top right of the List View allows users to turn off attribute columns that aren't needed. Adding in a Segment can bring a large amount of content into a small manageable list, and allow you to quickly work on different segments of your dataset with ease.

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