Flights are the content container used to help you plan, organize, and view your content in ATOMIZED.

When you create a flight in ATOMIZED, you are grouping Assets, Text Content, Notes, and other related attributes that are related to each-other. For example, a flight might represent a message you are pushing to your customers through a single channel, a file that you are processing through your workflow for delivery, or an event that your team is planning. Flights are flexible, and can represent anything you need them to in your ATOMIZED Campaign.

When you create a flight, you will be able to focus on that information in different ways based on which view you are using. In any view, clicking on a flight will open the Flight Details Panel.

The Flight Details Panel allows you to see all information related to the flight, as well as utilize collaboration functionality and access modules like the Social Publisher. The Panel is broken into multiple Tabs, available to users based on the role and enabled features for the Account. 

The Edit Flight tab allows the Collaborators to access and modify the following attributes for the Flight:

  • Custom Flight Color: Clicking the Flight Color icon (symbolized by the star) allows the user to select a new Flight color for the selected flight.
  • Status: Clicking the Status icon (symbolized by a triangle) allows the user to select from the Status values configured by the Administrator.
  • Date Range: Clicking the Start or End Date of the Flight's Date Range allows the user to change the flight duration.
  • Attached Asset files: Users can drag and drop files into the Flight to attach them, or click on the Add Asset button within the Asset preview section to attach them using their file explorer.
  • Flight Title: Users can rename the Flight, which will be reflected both in the Panel and on the various Campaign views.
  • Content: Users will have the ability to add content text to the flight, and edit formatting of that content in-line, simply by clicking into the Content section.
  • Notes: Introduced in ATOMIZED 2.0, users will now have the ability to separate internal notes on the Flight from content, using the 'Notes' section. The Notes section¬†
  • Assignee: Users can assign the flight to any user within the Campaign associated with the flight. This will alert them that they have a new flight assignment, as well as helping you use filters to keep track of who owns the next action item related to a flight.
  • Custom Fields: Custom Fields can be configured by the ATOMIZED Account Administrator to allow the storage of Text, Number, or URL values, for easy entry and access within the Flight Details Panel.
  • Tags: Tags allow users to associate a label to the flight for the purpose of identification or to help include other relevant information with the flight details.

For a full list of all changes ever made to the flight since it was first created, the Activity tab will allow users to identify who completed certain milestones (like moving a flight from Pending to Approved), as well as who helped to contribute to the content in ATOMIZED. Users can leave comments and view other comments left by their team members. Users can also use the @ character to mention their teammates directly, which will also result in the mentioned user receiving a notification. If they click on the notification, they'll be directed to the flight they were mentioned in. Collaborating is easy!

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