There are three types of Campaign access that a user can have within ATOMIZED.

Owners have full access to a campaign, including the ability to rename, modify, and delete the campaign. Owners can also create new campaigns.

Collaborators have access to create, modify, and update flight information within the Campaign. They can also invite new Collaborators and Viewers to access the campaign. Collaborators can also create new campaigns.

Viewers have view-only access to campaign data. They are unable to access or utilize collaboration features, and are only able to view content they have been given access to.

Administrator Access
Additionally, Administrators can grant users on the account the status of 'Account Admin' which grants full access to the Admin Dashboard and Account Panel. This can be done within the Administrators 'Users' tab.

Administrators can manage all Campaigns from the Admin Dashboard, and can change the settings for the account, including any Custom Fields or Statuses. Additionally, Administrators can access the Plan and Billing pages for the account.

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