As a Campaign Owner or Collaborator, you can manage access to a Campaign by clicking the gear icon on the campaign card located on the campaign page.  

The User access menu in the Campaign Management section includes Account Users without access (no access), Account users with Campaign Access (current access) and Invites.

No Access

The Account Users section lists all available account users that do not currently have access to the selected campaign. Assigning a role and clicking the + icon will allow you to easily give those users access to the campaign. Owners can assign all roles to users they invite, however Collaborators will only be able to add new Collaborators or Viewers to the campaign.

Current Access

The current Access section details all current users with access to the campaign. Each role currently assigned to the user is displayed next to their username, and can be changed by clicking the dropdown menu. If a user should have their access removed, clicking the 'X' button will revoke their campaign access, and they will be returned to the 'Account Users' list.


The Invites section will display any pending invitations for new users, as well as the role that will be assigned to the user when they create their user account. New users can be invited by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the Invites section, and entering a user email address and role for the new user. Invites expire 7 days after they are created, if not claimed. Account admins can extend invitations from the Admin dashboard Under the "Manage Users" tab. 

Inviting users while in a View: 

You can also quickly navigate to invite new users while in a view
by selecting a campaign tile and selecting the gear icon from the expanded Campaign menu on the Data Rail on the left of a view.

Admin Manage Users Tab:

Account Administrators can invite new users to the account from the Manage Users tab of the Account Settings panel. 

Clicking the green 'Invite New User +' icon will allow the Admin to add a new user to the account, select their role, and which campaigns the user should have access to. Admins can also extend expired invitations.

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