A campaign, also known as a data-set, is the ATOMIZED way of organizing your content and choosing what you would like to work on at any point in time. 

Any Campaigns you create will be contained within the ATOMIZED Account they are created in, and cannot be accessed by users who do not have access to the ATOMIZED Account containing the campaign. Flights (and all flight attributes) are created and contained within individual campaigns/data-sets. 

Creating Campaigns

Users invited to the Account as an Admin, Owner or Collaborator can create a new campaign by clicking the + icon at the bottom of the campaign list on the Data Rail. This will navigate the user to select whether they want to use a Template for the new campaign, or begin with a Blank Campaign. Users creating a new Campaign will automatically be assigned the 'Owner' role for that campaign.

Selecting Campaigns

When selecting a campaigns to view its data, users have the option to view campaign data individually or combined with other campaigns for visualization in a single canvas. 

To select a campaign, click the Campaign tile on the Data Rail on the left side of the screen. To combine multiple campaigns into your canvas, continue selecting additional campaigns. You can reset selected campaigns by deselecting them individually, or navigating to your dashboard.

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