ATOMIZED 2018 Release Notes

Improving Flights Custom Field Save
Improve backend campaigns load on copy
Remove scrollbar on page load
Prevent user for clicking multiple times confirm dialog buttons.
Expired Invited Users not showing in Admin 'Manage Users"
New Campaign Color - Error
Roadmap: Selecting/deselecting tracks should maintain flight(s) position relative to their existing flights.
Edit Flight Modal on social tab
PDF Export of Canvas View
Templates -Update with new icons
Changing user permission from visitor to owner/collab not allowing change from campaign menu drop down
Admin 'Manage User' Section - BE Cleanup
Timeline Performance enhancement
New Tags don't appear as options in Tag Filters
List View Date Column do not match flight details panel
Sorting not working in List View
Filter Not Working for Assignments
Only 1 thumbnail showing on flight when in timeline
Display Password Criteria to users
Multiple thumbnails add to the same asset 

Update the Custom Fields on Admin - Sortable
Roadmap Canvas - Flight and Track Name
Rotate Campaign colors
Draft Flight panel not expanding to proper width
Fixes on Segments
Unable to delete flight
dates change when scrolling through timeline view
List view is not updating its sorting for status until pages are changed or the page is refreshed.
Unify Flight Data across Different Canvas Views
Various FE updates
New flight not recognized by segments in same browser session 

month default view
roadmap canvas
new modals throughout
invite modal update in manage users - remove whitespace
remove space from start of tags upon creation
performance and visual bug fixes

5/12/2018 Release
Segmented Timeline: New view with segments applied (Multiple Campaigns)
CSV export flights not showing
Segments: Badge update
Backend - Select Status from create new flight modal
Making assets align inline-block to vertical reduce scrolling

5/4/2018 Release
Segments: Flight color options on flight modal/panel and flight color options to segment are different
List View Column Sort Broken
add credit card callout and link to billing page
Flight only showing Start Date in list view 

4/28/18 Release
Plan Subscription level to Segment
Update timeline print - last canvas hover style
Last Canvas Selected
Making fonts more readable in users admin and dashboard
Manage users update to campaign styling 

4/23/18 Release
Update Payment form to include CVV and remove Vat Number
Adding the export arrow to plan and billing admin area
Typo fix in feature set for world_view

4/21/18 Release

Print CSS Views
World View
Font Awesome Icon Text Updates
Admin - Users: Display Campaign Assignments for each user
Admin - Users: Provide campaign names data 

4/17/18 Version 2.0.8
Apply Segment to Calendar View
Segments: Saving
Modify Upload to Library api endpoint
Create new flights endpoint
Memory leak caused by emoji conditional rendering
Google Drive Integration
Segments: Editing/Save as new
Segments: Deleting
Segments: Create segment UX update
Segments in All Views 

4/7/18 Version
Expiration Modal Update
Asset Library - UI update
Initial work on media assets for approval and full screen
Hover Text to Font Awesome Icons 

4/2/18 Version
Wrong element spacing on asset library
Toggle to Expand Campaign Rail
Adding ability to add external css to the platform for white labeling
Cannot import Assets from library in Flight
Campaign Edit Page: Typeahead search box to filter user access lists
Fix for showing flyouts on mouseover when the campaigns rail is toggled open
Add files from media asset with thumbs
Update thumbs from asset library to show no matter what the type of the asset is

4/1/18 Version

Asset Library - Put Asset Library below HR in Views menu dropdown
Notifications - UI Update
social publishing - authorized account expiration
Account Action Menu
Fix issues with tag removal and bugs where removing a tag from flight removes it from everywhere else
Asset Library - Asset Tags
Asset Library - Asset Groups
Asset Library - Asset Size and ratio
Asset Library  - Assets should be removed from library when deleted
Asset Library - Download should download the file.
Social Publishing - LinkedIn
Track Groups does not appear until refresh
Track Menu - Group tab appearing behind dates
List View - Status icon appearing over draft library popout
Asset Library - Asset Drawer Tag Filter
Asset Library Expanded View - All Asset Button Text only appears when scrolling and long name assets overlap

3/17/18 Version 2.0.7

Social Scheduling: Remove ghost document icon.
Custom Field Link Icon not working in Firefox
Campaign color indicators missing in Safari
Template - Project Tracker
Show a default thumb for videos until they are processed
Template - Digital Publishing
Social Publishing does not appear in edit flight modal
Remove 'Invite User' button from Campaign Pop Out for Viewers
Social Streams do not vertically scroll with multiple stories
Save button showing on Live social stream flights
Settings Page - UI Update
Asset Library - Expanded View
Asset Library - Selection
Asset Library - Link
Remove ability to create a social stream 

3/9/18 Version
On clicking downgrade open modal contact
Asset library does not scroll
Custom Field Icon displaying
Move Internal Admin stats calculations to a Resque job
Optimization for Accounts Controller
List View 2.0 Updates and custom elements change
Custom Fields 'Do Not Display' Feature Not Working
Share Links direct to single flight
"Select a View" Campaign Text Alignment
Confirm Campaign Delete dialog box: Text string update
Replace the asset view icon on the 'Select a View' page
Mute/Unmute Email Toggle NOT working
Check only for "Free Accounts" on sign up and Turn Off Verification for Invites
Asset Library - Pagination
Reducing chrome weights with antialiasing
Remove Linked in Icon from the connect modal in Admin and Flight
Subscriptions: Need to distinguish viewers from other users for proper billing
Action Rail Styling

2/27/18 Version
Confirm Upgrade
Remove Asset Placeholder green icon from PDF export
Asset Library - cannot upload assets to asset library

2/23/18 Version
Searching a draft flight will not open flight details panel
Flight Panel- Navigation Arrows
Elements overlap in flight details window
Move api key from manage account to user profile
Color Picker Update
Create Track and Flight Keyboard shortcuts
User Email Restrictions
Asset library uploads not immediately available from a flight.
Track Menu Drop Down Cut Off
Admin Plan & Billing 2.1 - Add Custom Gateway Payment UI
Admin Plan & Billing 2.1 - Submit contact Request
Admin - Plan 2.1
Admin - Billing 2.1
CSV Export: Cleanup items
Flight detail Status drop down not viewable
Campaign Rail Styling (left rail) - Campaign Color Dots

2/12/18 Version
Flight Modal style consistency
Calendar View not loading Campaign data and long titles not truncating
Calendar view - Flight Drag and Drop changing days
Column View - Header is incorrect color
Column View - Border added to incorrect element
Asset Icon Not Excel
User Dashboard - Delete Confirm
Content/Notes Emoji
Draft Library
Flight Panel Cleanup
Draft Library - Draft flight stays in library after flight is created
Draft Library Scroll

1/26/18 Version 2.0.6
Social Streams displaying in Calendar View
Add account custom fields to API
Text not appearing in the Add Users email box
Ampersand in Track Name
Clock icon click pushes the date-containing gray area too far right
Segment Tracking
Unstyled Invite New User Module
Pop Up Calendar display of daily/weekly/monthly should only apply to Timeline
Campaign Pop out - Export text misaligned
Header Toggle - Dashboard
Long Campaign Name Truncation
Date Picker - Not displaying correctly over flight modal content
calendar asset are not showed after flight is created immediately upon saving

1/14/18 Version
Unused Display Space - Calendar
Calendar View - Flight with multiple asset title
Social Streams - Not pulling new content
List View - long titles bleed into column.
Social Stream Name Truncate
Calendar View - Flight does not update
Flight Content Field Truncated
Flight Drag and Drop removing flights and opening modal
Tags List Capped at 50 items
In-modal scrolling for calendar events view 

1/6/18 Version 2.0.5
Process Assets from Asset Library
Timeline - Dynamic Date Updates
Date Picker - Timeline toggles
Calendar Content Not Consistently Displayed
Viewer Able to Click "+" to Create Flight
Toggle for Social Stream - Calendar View
Calendar - Bold Text
PDF Export - Update Styling
Attach Asset from Asset Library
List View > Data showing in incorrect Custom Field

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