To get started with social publishing in flight, the Social Publishing module in ATOMIZED must be enabled. Connected Networks can be managed by the user who added them, within their User Profile's ATOMIZED Settings tab, or can be managed/connected by the Account Administrator within the connectors tab. Check out our article on connecting to a social account here.

When enabled, users will have the option to utilize the Social Tab within the Flight Details Panel, as well as schedule posts any time a new flight is created.

The Social Tab allows users to use their existing Flight content, including the first asset attached to the flight, for the purposes of publishing directly to Facebook and Twitter. 

Once clicked, the user can select (or add) a Social Network using the Social Network selection menu, and can then schedule or publish the content after confirming that it is ready to go out. Users can make updates on the Edit Flight tab to dynamically update the Social Publishing tab.

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